Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Life is Unfair

Thinking to do what you love,
Love to think what people may not love
Besides dreaming and calculating the whole day,
Lets keep the dreaming ship at Bay.

Worked hard and controlled emotions in a way,
that life will reward for all what I pay.
May be the turn isn't have arrived yet,
I am still chasing the light after sunset.

It always bring a load of fair deals undone, 
Pointing towards the journey which is still unknown.
May I stay strong to see the brighter side,
After all every dog has its day & some cherry aside.

Dwelling in a fear that I will loose,
Why I should not try & remain always subfusc.
Sometimes life do treat us with Joy,
It's a matter of time before I cherish & enjoy.

Life is unfair, sometimes the misery we can't bear,
This was a feeling I could never share.
I am strong, strong enough to move on from this pain, 
I won't feel the shame, my life is not a game.

I will find my dream, I promise, that's what I will achieve,
I will find a way to leave, I'm not who you will deceive.
I believe in miracles, I won't fall, I may be lost but I will be found.

No boundaries, free my mind of all the pressure, leaving here will be my pleasure, 
I want so much to be free, so much I want to see.
I want to reach the sky, I want so bad too fly,
I made a mistake but I won't let myself break.


Monday, September 28, 2015

College Days were best

I will soon no longer be a scheduled student
My life will be totally altered
I am graduating soon
And it is quite nerve racking

I am leaving my life in a bubble
And going off on my own
As i take my first step into the world,
I daydream of my future.

i love all my new friends we have parties
No time for homework
Cozz we are the coolest!!!

Sitting on hostel roof, we will be drink
drinking for fun, illegal but fun

Even though collage is so fun
I still have to do work
If I don’t pass my classes
My parents will be mad...

Then I met a girl
She is the girl I like a lot
She has brown hair and eyes
Both of her eyes and hair are brown.

But…there is a problem!!!!
She doesn’t know me
I need words to speak
So she notices me.

My roommate doesn't know
That I can do magic
And so I do it in secret
My magic is for me only
But now I want to cast it on that girl
So i won't be lonely.

Tomorrow i will try my spell
i hope i get success
You will be mine
And college will be the best!!!

Even if i get anorexia with time, 
I will never forget the day with friends,
Days went by like no time to rest, 
For now and always, College Days were best!!!  


Thursday, September 24, 2015

Your Love Will Always Make Me Smile

Welcome Back to the world of Writing with a taste of many broken promises and shattered dreams. Life wouldn't have been so kind without the support of people who are still there with me.

Those who parted their ways, Hopefully living happily and striving much better without this face around.  

Sometimes you just don't wish Goodbye not because you hate it but you don't feel like giving that solitude to the person leaving.

You are with me everyday,
I feel you with every breath,
Your thought is with me,
With every decision I make.

You have been with me until now,
And it is hard to face,
That you are finally gone,
And I will never see you again.

Your hands, your touch, your smile,
Are things I will never forget,
All the love you shared with me,
And all the tears and pain you made go away.

In our short time together,
All the memories we had,
Will last in my heart,
Those memories I will never forget.

Although you have left,
Now you walk above,
You are always with me,
I'm always surrounded by your love.

Now you don't have to worry,
For your love will be passed on,
Cause even though you left me,
You are Always in my Heart.


Monday, February 17, 2014

After I met you, I feel complete

When I found you I knew I had found my soul-mate,
I can find no one to replace you till date,
Cause in my heart such a wonderful feeling you stir,
You are very special and more precious than silver,
My love for you is so strong,
I know for sure to me you belong.

I still remember our first kiss,
A couple of beats my heart did miss,
The warmth of your arms around me,
It just feels like a great ecstasy.

You touched my heart like no one else has done,
You confirmed you're my angel, you're the one.
I knew you were special right from the start,
An impending crush, I did suspect,
I never thought you would own my heart and be forever my Ms. Perfect.

We may not know where we came from,
We may not know why our hearts beat.
But only if we live our life together in love,
Our destinies will be complete.

I remember the days we used to spend with each other,
We lived life without having a single care to bother,
The day you kissed me the magic begun,
Around us love web was spun,
This bond is eternal, nothing can break,
From our hearts this feeling nothing can shake.

Live your life excited, let no day go without having passion.
Let go of hurt and invite love, forgive haters with compassion.
Time is short and its already passing by, there is nothing to stop.
Let your mind soar higher everyday until its success o' clock.

After I met you, I feel complete,
I'm in love, this feeling is something I can't beat,
I'm so crazy about your smile,
To see it I can go an extra mile,
I always want to see you happy and at ease,
I'll spend my lifetime for you to be pleased.

I never thought I could feel this way,
Leave all my worries and to life's music sway,
You taught me to move on,
You gave me a new song.

You encourage me to be my best,
To spread my wings and fly rather than being confined in a nest,
You have made me the person I have wished to be,
My darling, you're my anchor, I always need you next to me.

Life as we know it keeps going on and is changing every day.
We can choose to stay the same or steadily change our way.
It rains, it snows and is hot sometimes, life is in the seasons.
For all of us much progress and perish one day for a reason...

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

If only you try

How an atheist see a problem in his/her life, how one decide to fight all over the pain or reservation. The agony to be alone without a better owner of happiness. The day of divine intervention that one discover and complete the journey alone, thinking it's not GOD who makes the destiny - it's his or her own real fight.

Fighting alone when I need you,
I don’t need you
I can smile without you
I can live and I can breathe
I don’t need you so that I can be me

I can stand on my own
I can make my own way
I don’t need you to hold my hand
To get me through the day

I can climb mountains,
Without you there to push me through
I can make it, I can do it,
I am me without you....

There is when you discover a voice that leads a path to you victory. Not to mention your true labor and courage to come over the agony, GOD made it for you in blessings or some disguised angels.

I'm there with you my son,
I'd always watching your steps.
You have to stick with what you believe is true,
One day a trophy will come & the winner will be YOU.

There’s a mountain before you
One you feel you can never climb
The distance is frightening,
But I know you can make it to the other side
If only you try

I’ve seen the strength, that you carry inside
I’ve seen the will, the passion, the fight in your eyes
I’ve witnessed your ambition
I know you can do it one more time.

You can do anything
You can be anyone
You can be happy, too
But first you must believe, in the power of YOU.

You’re powerful, valuable, beautiful and brave
And I know that you know
You can make it through tomorrow
If you can get through today;
I will be there for you every step of the way...

P.S. - Just Witnessed a divine intervention and this post goes straight to those who believe including me about the life and happiness that make it wonderful.

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

It still hurts to know you're real

My heart still hurts and causes me pain,
I wish I could just see you again,
I thought we would be together,
From now till forever, but something took that away.

Now I had to start my own days,
But why am I still stuck carrying the pain,
I thought the pain was over till I spoke of your name
Now it's all back to haunt me again

I still hold the memories of you and I
Why oh! why did we have to fight
We were both young

But I thought it was true love
But then you had to turn to those damn people
They tore us apart and caused us both pain
Do you ever wish you could hold me again?
Now it's too late, now it's all gone

Because now we both chose to move on.
Do you ever wonder
Do you still care
Do you ever shed tears,
I didn't I was being strong
That's how I learned to move on
But now it's back to haunt me,
And I realize I still care

I wish I could turn back all the years
And make you stop
And make you listen
And make you see

That you were meant to only be with me.
We use to laugh
We use to love
We use to be close as a dove

Now everyone will see why I hate people
They cause problems
They cause pain

Gosh I wish you could see me once again
I love to laugh
I love to love
Gosh all I wanted was your sweet hugs
But now my heart is squished like a bug

Once again the pain has risen
Now I have to get it back to hidden
Please take care in what ever you do
But please always know that I did love you..

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Celebrate your life!

Believe in yourself! 
Believe you were made,
To do any task without calling for aid.

Believe, without growing too scornfully proud,
That you, as the greatest and least are endowed.
A mind to do thinking, two hands and two eyes
Are all the equipment God gives to the wise.

Believe in yourself! 
You are divinely designed
And perfectly made for the work of mankind.

The truth you must cling to through danger and pain;
The heights others have reached you can also attain.
Believe to the very last hour, for it's true.
That what ever you will, you've been gifted to do.

Believe in yourself and step out unafraid.
By misgivings and doubt be not easily swayed.

You've the right to succeed; the precision of skill
Which betokens the great you can earn if you will!
The wisdom of the ages is yours if you'll read.
But you've got to believe in yourself to succeed. 

When you change your beliefs, You change your expectations;
When you change your expectations,You change your attitude;

When you change your attitude, You change your behavior;
When you change your behavior, You change your performance;
When you change your performance; You Change Your Life! 

Life is a gift we're given each and every day.
Dream about tomorrow, but live for today.
To live a little, you've got to love a whole lot.
Love turns the ordinary into the extraordinary.

Life's a journey always worth taking.
Take time to smell the roses... and tulips...
and daffodils... and lilacs... and sunflowers...

Count blessings like children count stars.
The secret of a happy life isn't buried in a
treasure chest... it lies within your heart.
It's the little moments that make life big.

Don't wait. Make memories today.

Celebrate your life!

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Sachin Tendulkar's farewell speech at Wankhede Stadium Mumbai

May be this whole speech was almost everything we knew about him but still that 20 minutes, the whole INDIA was dumbstruck and unmoved.

Watch the complete Sachin Tendulkar's farewell speech at the END of the article.

So here it goes one more time for the memories to remember and say it loud that we lived in Tendulkar ERA.


All my friends. Settle down let me talk, I will get more and more emotional (crowd gets louder and louder as he composes himself). My life, between 22 yards for 24 years, it is hard to believe that that wonderful journey has come to an end, but I would like to take this opportunity to thank people who have played an important role in my life. Also, for the first time in my life I am carrying this list, to remember all the names in case I forget someone. I hope you understand. It's getting a little bit difficult to talk but I will manage.

The most important person in my life, and I have missed him a lot since 1999 when he passed away, my father. Without his guidance, I don't think I would have been standing here in front of you. He gave me freedom at the age of 11, and told me that [I should] chase my dreams, but make sure you do not find short cuts. The path might be difficult, but don't give up, and I have simply followed his instructions. Above all, he told me to be a nice human being, which I will continue to do and try my best.

"Every time I have done something special [and] showed my bat, it was [for] my father."

My mother, I don't know how she dealt with such a naughty child like me. I was not easy to manage. She must be extremely patient. For a mother, the most important thing is that her child remains safe and healthy and fit. That was what she was most bothered and worried about. She took care of me for the last 24 years that I have played for India, but even before that she started praying for me the day I started playing cricket.

"She just prayed and prayed and I think her prayers and blessings have given me the strength to go out and perform, so a big thank you to my mother for all the sacrifices."

In my school days, for four years, I stayed with my uncle and aunt because my school was quite far from my home, and they treated me like their son. My aunt, after having had a hard day's play, I would be half asleep and she would be feeding me food so I could go again and play tomorrow. I can't forget these moments. I am like their son and I am glad it has continued to be the same way.

My eldest brother, Nitin, and his family, have always encouraged me. My eldest brother doesn't like to talk much, but the one thing he always told me is that whatever you do, I know you will always give it 100%, and that I have full faith and confidence in you. His encouragement meant a lot to me. My sister, Savita, and her family, was no different. The first cricket bat of my life was presented to me by my sister. It was a Kashmir willow bat. But that is where the journey began. She is one of those many who still continue to fast when I bat, so thank you very much.

"Ajit, my brother, now what do I talk about him? I don't know. We have lived this dream together."

He was the one who sacrificed his career for my cricket. He spotted the spark in me. And it all started from the age of 11 when he took me to Archrekar sir, my coach, and from there on my life changed. You will find this hard to believe but even last night he called to discuss my dismissal, knowing that there was a remote chance of batting again, but just the habit we have developed, the rapport we have developed, since my birth, has continued and it will continue. Maybe when I'm not playing cricket we will still be discussing technique.

Various things we agreed upon, my technique, and so many technical things which I didn't agree with him, we have had arguments and disagreements, but when I look back at all these things in my life, I would have been a lesser cricketer.

The most beautiful thing happened to me in 1990 when I met my wife, Anjali. Those were special years and it has continued and will always continue that way. I know Anjali, being a doctor; there was a wonderful career in front of her. When we decided to have a family, Anjali took the initiative to step back and say that 'you continue with your cricket and I will take the responsibility of the family'.

Without that, I don't think I would have been able to play cricket freely and without stress. Thanks for bearing with all my fuss and all my frustrations, and all sorts of rubbish that I have spoken. Thanks for bearing with me and always staying by my side through all the ups and downs.

"You are the best partnership I've had in my life."

Then, the two precious diamonds of my life, Sara and Arjun. They have already grown up. My daughter is 16, my son is 14. Time has flown by. I wanted to spend so much time with them on special occasions like their birthdays, their annual days, their sports day, going on holidays, whatever. I have missed out on all those things. Thanks for your understanding. Both of you have been so, so special to me you cannot imagine.

"I promise you [that] for 14 and 16 years I have not spent enough time with both of you, but the next 16 years or even beyond that, everything is for you."

My in-laws, Anand Mehta and Annabelle, both have been so, so supportive [and] loving and caring. I have discussed on various things in life, generally with them, and have taken their advice. You know, it's so important to have a strong family who is always with you and who are guiding you. Before you start clapping, the most important thing they did was allowing me to marry Anjali, so thank you very much.

In the last 24 years that I have played for India I have made new friends, and before that I have had friends from my childhood. They have all had a terrific contribution. As and when I have called them to come and bowl to me at the nets, they have left their work aside to come and help me. Be it joining me on holidays and having discussions with me on cricket, or how I was a little stressed and wanting to find a solution so I can perform better.

The memories you have left with me will always be with me forever and ever, especially "Sachin, Sachin" which will reverberate in my ears till I stop breathing

All those moments my friends were with me. Even for when I was injured, I would wake up in the morning because I couldn't sleep and thought that my career was over because of injuries, that is when my friends have woken up at 3 o'clock in the morning to drive with me and make me believe that my career was not over. Life would be incomplete without all those friends. Thanks for being there for me.

My cricket career started when I was 11. The turning point of my career was when my brother (Ajit) took me to Achrekar sir. I was extremely delighted to see him up in the stands. Normally he sits in front of the television and he watches all the games that I play. When I was 11/12, those were the days when I used to hop back on his scooter and play a couple of practice matches a day. The first half the innings I would be batting at Shivaji Park, the second half, at some other match in Azad Maidan. He would take me all over Mumbai to make sure I got match practice.

On a lighter note, in the last 29 years, sir has never ever said 'well played' to me because he thought I would get complacent and I would stop working hard.

"Maybe he can push his luck and wish me now, well done on my career, because there are no more matches, sir, in my life."

 I will be witnessing cricket, and cricket will always stay in my heart, but you have had an immense contribution in my life, so thank you very much.

My cricket for Mumbai started right here on this ground, the Mumbai Cricket Association (MCA), which is so dear to me. I remember landing from New Zealand at four o'clock in the morning, and turning up for a game here at eight o'clock just because I wanted to be a part of Mumbai cricket, and not that somebody forced me. That was for the love of Mumbai cricket, and thank you very much. The president is here so thank you very much, along with your team, for taking care of me and looking after my cricket.

The dream was obviously to play for India, and that is where my association with BCCI started. BCCI was fantastic, right from my debut they believed in my ability and selecting me into the squad at the age of 16 was a big step, so thanks to all the selectors for having faith in me and the BCCI for giving me the freedom to express myself out in the middle. Things would have been different if you had not been behind me, and I really appreciate your support. Especially when I was injured, you were right with me and making sure that all the treatments were taken care of, and that I got fit and fine and playing [right] back for India.

The journey has been special, the last 24 years, I have played with many senior cricketers, and even before that there were many senior cricketers with whom I watched on television. They inspired me to play cricket, and to play in the right way. Thanks to all those senior cricketers, and unfortunately I have not been able to play with them, but I have high regards for all their achievements and all their contributions.

We see it on the mega-screen, Rahul, Laxman, Sourav, and Anil, who is not here, and my team-mates right here in front me. You are like my family away from home. I have had some wonderful times with you. It is going to be difficult to not be part of the dressing room, sharing those special moments. All the coaches for their guidance, it has been special for me. I know when MS Dhoni presented me the 200th Test match cap on day one morning. I had a brief message for the team. I would like to repeat that. I just feel that all of us are so, so fortunate and proud to be part of the Indian cricket team and serving the nation.

Knowing all of you guys, I know you will continue to serve the nation in the right spirit and right values. I believe we have been the lucky ones to be chosen by the Almighty to serve this sport. Each generation gets this opportunity to take care of this sport and serve it to the best of our ability. I have full faith in you to continue to serve the nation in the right spirit and to the best of your ability, to bring all the laurels to the country. All the very best.

I would be failing in my duties if I did not thank all the doctors, the physios, the trainers, who have put this difficult body together to go back on the field and be able to play. The amount of injuries that I have had in my career, I don't know how you have managed to keep me fit, but without your special efforts, it would never have happened. The doctors have met me at weird hours. I mean I have called them from Mumbai to Chennai, Mumbai to Delhi, I mean wherever. They have just taken the next flight and left their work and families to be with me, which has allowed me to play. So a big thank you to all three of you for keeping me in good shape.

My dear friend, late Mark Mascarenhas, my first manager. We unfortunately lost him in a car accident in 2001, but he was such a well-wisher of cricket, my cricket, and especially Indian cricket. He was so passionate. He understood what it takes to represent a nation and gave me all the space to go out and express myself, and never pressurized me to do this ad or promotion or whatever the sponsors demanded. He took care of that and today I miss him, so thank you Mark for all your contribution.

My current management team, WSG, for repeating what Mark has done, because when I signed the contract I exactly told them what I want from them, and what it requires to represent me. They have done that and respected that.

Someone who has worked closely with me for 14 years is my manager, Vinod Nayudu. He is more like my family and all the sacrifices, spending time away from his family for my work, has been special, so big thank you to his family as well for giving up so much time for my work with Vinod.

In my school days, when I performed well, the media backed me a lot. They continue to do that till this morning. Thank you so much to the media for supporting and appreciating my performances. It surely had a positive effect on me. Thank you so much to all the photographers as well for those wonderfully captured moments that will stay with me for the rest of my life, so a big thank you to all the photographers.

I know my speech is getting a bit too long (crowd roars), but this is the last thing I want to say. I want to thank all the people here who have flown in from various parts of the world, and have supported me endlessly, whether I scored a 0 or a 100-plus. Your support was so dear to me and meant a lot to me. Whatever you have done for me.

I know I have met so many guys who have fasted for me, prayed for me, done so much for me. Without that life wouldn't have been like this for me. I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart, and also say that time has flown by rather quickly, but the memories you have left with me will always be with me forever and ever, especially "Sachin, Sachin" which will reverberate in my ears till I stop breathing. Thank you very much. If I have missed out on saying something, I hope you understand. Goodbye.

" - Watch Sachin Tendulkar farewell speech 

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Excuses ! Life made for me

Walking down the lane after sunset when darkness overwhelms,
Some mystery walks with me, even my shadow don't stay
It haunts each moment when I'm not baking my dreams,
No tourney were ever betrayed as far as it seems.

Grew up like a stud, a conqueror in the making
Heard all good things which makes every life moving,
Never knew it will turn around like this in desire,
Life gave an excuse of sweet success to test what I aspire.

Dad kept telling me not to go that way which led my fall,
Mom with more tender love, tried to behold things that I couldn't recall.
Ever if I stood to the namesake, it made my journey delude,
Life wanted me to fly and ears don't work in wind was my excuse !

Days passed by and I started walking ahead to the destiny,
Moved ahead from the world of parental affection and testimony
Some rules I did broke, some shackles I did cut loose
Life wanted me to be a rebel and that was my excuse !

Cupid played his part when I was gathering my pieces in dust,
I met a girl who made me feel special and above from the rest.
She made me believe the life isn't perfect, thou I was the best,
Life wanted me to be real and her imperfect life was my excuse !

Clouds do move on, when the brightness of SUN embrace the sky,
I wonder when I'll taste the triumph, not just gallop the pain saying well TRY,
Courage to live long and remain composed with success profused
Life wanted me to WIN when I failed and I didn't had any EXCUSE to defend !!!

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Dead - One who don't dream

Dead one who don't dream

Come along we will dance all night, 
Have no mercy, this place may fright.
It all comes down to broken inches,
When life narrows its useful pieces.

Who wondered how things will fall for you,
Who thought one day will be all for you.
Who said one needs to be close around you,
When life sings a song, there serenity around you.

Drowning in a darkness of deep despair 
Believing the lies I hear & seeing truths not there 

See the rays of sunlight, they shine upon your scars 
Reaching for that broken smile, among the hidden stars 

Hearing the tear drops, falling from your eyes 
Believing my hidden secrets & telling myself stolen lies 

I'm starting to get scared and totally feel alone
Wondering which road to take, where should i go? 
I've sat down and thought, this through and through
But still don't know which road to take
And make my dream come true.

It blacks out my eyes to see the triumph,
It's just my intuition or I'm going to cry.
Seeing what life made this journey a hell of a roller coster for me,
I just want some dream of mine,
To be surreal to me.

Sunday, October 13, 2013

No matter what happens

No matter what happens
In life, we live, we love & we die,
 One soul let me believe, i'll be loved after i die.
No matter how much love, you cherish this life,
  One day you will leave, with tears in other's eyes.

Today I present my life, to this court of justice,
  No matter what happens, I will remain in love with you.
No matter what people says, I will always stand by you,
 If not in real, always remember; I'm always there with you.

In time when things won't work our way,
  I will be your fun, melody or a cinema to play.
No matter how world play it's trick to us,
 I will make every step to make better of us.

I could define the love I love,
For more than a symbol like peace for dove.
One like you never seen anything before,
For care you give and love in many style of yours.

She can be a kid, who can't be let  unpampered,
She is the boss, who makes me believe a man in me.
She is bit rude, who don't like me being reckless,
She is too naughty, in times when no one around.
She is my angel, whose presence make me alive,
She is the best one can have as a friend or life.
She loves me the way, no one can ever think off,
She drives me crazy, just with her innocent smile,
Sometimes I hold her, like a child of my own.

I wish I could have met you before,
Life would have been different to me for sure.
It's not late ever to say I love you,
But, this love needs more than a life to say what your love say.

No matter what happens, I'll breathe just for you,
No matter what happens, this piece of pumping machine will beat just for you!
No matter what happens , even if you walk away
This world will make it happen, to bring you back in my way. 

 In love with you - 18.03.2013