College Days were best

I will soon no longer be a scheduled student
My life will be totally altered
I am graduating soon
And it is quite nerve racking

I am leaving my life in a bubble
And going off on my own
As i take my first step into the world,
I daydream of my future.

i love all my new friends we have parties
No time for homework
Cozz we are the coolest!!!

Sitting on hostel roof, we will be drink
drinking for fun, illegal but fun

Even though collage is so fun
I still have to do work
If I don’t pass my classes
My parents will be mad...

Then I met a girl
She is the girl I like a lot
She has brown hair and eyes
Both of her eyes and hair are brown.

But…there is a problem!!!!
She doesn’t know me
I need words to speak
So she notices me.

My roommate doesn't know
That I can do magic
And so I do it in secret
My magic is for me only
But now I want to cast it on that girl
So i won't be lonely.

Tomorrow i will try my spell
i hope i get success
You will be mine
And college will be the best!!!

Even if i get anorexia with time, 
I will never forget the day with friends,
Days went by like no time to rest, 
For now and always, College Days were best!!!