Life is Unfair

Thinking to do what you love,
Love to think what people may not love
Besides dreaming and calculating the whole day,
Lets keep the dreaming ship at Bay.

Worked hard and controlled emotions in a way,
that life will reward for all what I pay.
May be the turn isn't have arrived yet,
I am still chasing the light after sunset.

It always bring a load of fair deals undone, 
Pointing towards the journey which is still unknown.
May I stay strong to see the brighter side,
After all every dog has its day & some cherry aside.

Dwelling in a fear that I will loose,
Why I should not try & remain always subfusc.
Sometimes life do treat us with Joy,
It's a matter of time before I cherish & enjoy.

Life is unfair, sometimes the misery we can't bear,
This was a feeling I could never share.
I am strong, strong enough to move on from this pain, 
I won't feel the shame, my life is not a game.

I will find my dream, I promise, that's what I will achieve,
I will find a way to leave, I'm not who you will deceive.
I believe in miracles, I won't fall, I may be lost but I will be found.

No boundaries, free my mind of all the pressure, leaving here will be my pleasure, 
I want so much to be free, so much I want to see.
I want to reach the sky, I want so bad too fly,
I made a mistake but I won't let myself break.