Your Love Will Always Make Me Smile

Welcome Back to the world of Writing with a taste of many broken promises and shattered dreams. Life wouldn't have been so kind without the support of people who are still there with me.

Those who parted their ways, Hopefully living happily and striving much better without this face around.  

Sometimes you just don't wish Goodbye not because you hate it but you don't feel like giving that solitude to the person leaving.

You are with me everyday,
I feel you with every breath,
Your thought is with me,
With every decision I make.

You have been with me until now,
And it is hard to face,
That you are finally gone,
And I will never see you again.

Your hands, your touch, your smile,
Are things I will never forget,
All the love you shared with me,
And all the tears and pain you made go away.

In our short time together,
All the memories we had,
Will last in my heart,
Those memories I will never forget.

Although you have left,
Now you walk above,
You are always with me,
I'm always surrounded by your love.

Now you don't have to worry,
For your love will be passed on,
Cause even though you left me,
You are Always in my Heart.