It still hurts to know you're real

My heart still hurts and causes me pain,
I wish I could just see you again,
I thought we would be together,
From now till forever, but something took that away.

Now I had to start my own days,
But why am I still stuck carrying the pain,
I thought the pain was over till I spoke of your name
Now it's all back to haunt me again

I still hold the memories of you and I
Why oh! why did we have to fight
We were both young

But I thought it was true love
But then you had to turn to those damn people
They tore us apart and caused us both pain
Do you ever wish you could hold me again?
Now it's too late, now it's all gone

Because now we both chose to move on.
Do you ever wonder
Do you still care
Do you ever shed tears,
I didn't I was being strong
That's how I learned to move on
But now it's back to haunt me,
And I realize I still care

I wish I could turn back all the years
And make you stop
And make you listen
And make you see

That you were meant to only be with me.
We use to laugh
We use to love
We use to be close as a dove

Now everyone will see why I hate people
They cause problems
They cause pain

Gosh I wish you could see me once again
I love to laugh
I love to love
Gosh all I wanted was your sweet hugs
But now my heart is squished like a bug

Once again the pain has risen
Now I have to get it back to hidden
Please take care in what ever you do
But please always know that I did love you..