After I met you, I feel complete

When I found you I knew I had found my soul-mate,
I can find no one to replace you till date,
Cause in my heart such a wonderful feeling you stir,
You are very special and more precious than silver,
My love for you is so strong,
I know for sure to me you belong.

I still remember our first kiss,
A couple of beats my heart did miss,
The warmth of your arms around me,
It just feels like a great ecstasy.

You touched my heart like no one else has done,
You confirmed you're my angel, you're the one.
I knew you were special right from the start,
An impending crush, I did suspect,
I never thought you would own my heart and be forever my Ms. Perfect.

We may not know where we came from,
We may not know why our hearts beat.
But only if we live our life together in love,
Our destinies will be complete.

I remember the days we used to spend with each other,
We lived life without having a single care to bother,
The day you kissed me the magic begun,
Around us love web was spun,
This bond is eternal, nothing can break,
From our hearts this feeling nothing can shake.

Live your life excited, let no day go without having passion.
Let go of hurt and invite love, forgive haters with compassion.
Time is short and its already passing by, there is nothing to stop.
Let your mind soar higher everyday until its success o' clock.

After I met you, I feel complete,
I'm in love, this feeling is something I can't beat,
I'm so crazy about your smile,
To see it I can go an extra mile,
I always want to see you happy and at ease,
I'll spend my lifetime for you to be pleased.

I never thought I could feel this way,
Leave all my worries and to life's music sway,
You taught me to move on,
You gave me a new song.

You encourage me to be my best,
To spread my wings and fly rather than being confined in a nest,
You have made me the person I have wished to be,
My darling, you're my anchor, I always need you next to me.

Life as we know it keeps going on and is changing every day.
We can choose to stay the same or steadily change our way.
It rains, it snows and is hot sometimes, life is in the seasons.
For all of us much progress and perish one day for a reason...