Forget the first love - Impossible

Your eyes make me flirt with you, what I do,
Your voice melts my emotions, what I do,
Your walk makes my forget every thing , what I do,
Your love makes me believe life, what I do.

Your care makes me surrender my world for you,
Your passion drives me alive even when I'm down
Your heartbeats makes me feel complete on this motherland,
Your beauty makes me proud, that I have you by my side.

Your courage to stand for me, makes my confident to fight,
Your composure to live beneath my badness, makes me upright
Your truth to lie never, always bestows the honesty in my heart,
Your charm to win all heart, makes me happiest person with your heart.

You are what I wish for, what I never had,
You are where life begins for me taking Chasity apart
To be with you, I always thought and worked for in life,
Now, I am alone with you and your memories by my side.

I wish one day we make a pass by,
Where you can see what I'd been without you.
It may be one rare moment to believe,
Where I would be standing in fray
And, my heart would be passing by.

Come back or be with me, something I can't even say,
It's my luck that I always cherished,
Even I lost something which I can never cherish,
You are and you will be love of my life..
That's the reason why people say,
It's hard to forget whom you love for very first time!!!!

PS - I wish to fall in love for one time !