Love U Mom - Happy Women's Day

I known a woman who had made everything possible for me,
Be it my past , my future and even every day of me,
She made me believe what I am today,
She gave me wings to fly and live another day.

She held me tight when it was cold,
Sang kind melodies to sooth my beats when I'm afraid of dark.
Never found a moment of remorse to live back and change,
She loved me the best way I could have ever known.

Mother, It's been you who made me rise,
Mom, It's your support that gave me this height.
I always cherish the time, when I see happiness in your eyes,
For moments which gave you tears, I wish I can defy.

May be I'd never been a good son to afford your love, 
Surely, I couldn't have done anything better to afford a mother like you.
People say we reap what we sow in past life, 
I think I made the best in my last life.

To live under your support and blissful hands, 
I couldn't have desired if I was even adult by birth.
The way you let things unknown to dad,
In times you protected us from anger of dad,

I cherish those days and smile with tear,
How much you did to make us cheer and smile.
Dad is the luckiest man on earth to have a partner like you,
I can only hope to get someone very close to you.

No pain I feel under Warmth of your love 
No fear I see with blessing of yours,
I pray my life to get a birth again,
Open my eyes, you two holding me in hands like you did many years ago....!!!!

Love U MOM & DAD

& Happy Women's DAY Mom!!!!!!!!!!