Now I am - what I wanted to B

I might have said it many times,
 craved every next moment to hear the same again,
I love u no matter how hard u come at me,
 I love u for the passion u hold for me,
I owe this life more then a heart to u,
 To be my breath and aspiration to live,
It may look ignorant to see your pain,
 Sometimes i carry over to make no one blame,
You always live in this heart before the beat,
 Since i know u and even before our meet.
Dreamt most times to live a life,
 I lived this long to be what u believe,
Strong like a string that love cares u my heart,
 Hard like a frostbitten nose in the dark,
Before i knew you,I was nothing.
Now I am everything,With you at my side,
I am invincible and would make thing for u.............
I love u and always will do without fail