Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Love you till the end of time

Love you till the end of time

Beautiful you or lovingly me,
All i miss life when you're away from me.
Being together, it make me feel so rich,
No wonder where i stand, in air or any pitch.
Goofing along and making fun of each other,
We fight like sister and brother.
May be it`s some connection of past life,
Or may be i dreamt of you always as my wife.
Yesterday i lived many wins without sharing fun,
Now i have you, but winning score as none.
People say everything comes to an end,
I wish our love never reach that bend.
Eating the food made by you,
Never felt like being away from home.
Always wait for me to get back,
Like my mom waits for me at home.

Love, respect and friendship of lifetime,
Can't get more in period of this prime time.
Filled the total vicinity of my heart,
Living with joy and undue pains apart.
Immensely soaked in love of yours,
Thy my chest hold the heart of yours.
Promises to keep and fulfillment in time,
I will love you till the end of time.

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